Hear The Cry is a community of people joining together to participate in the movement bringing God’s Kingdom here to earth. We exist to bring compassion and justice into areas of brokenness around the world.
The word compassion literally means “to suffer with.” In compassion, we find this idea of being with the hurting. We desire to follow in the way of Jesus, Emmanuel (God with us) who came into our brokenness and met us there. Following Him, then, looks like visiting, living with, and serving along side those in need.
Justice is God’s language for shalom, peace, things made right, equality, healing, fullness, the world operating as He intended. Jesus’ prayer “Your Kingdom come, on Earth as it is in Heaven” speaks directly of this idea. Following Jesus, then, looks like pursuing this justice in our own lives, and to the ends of the earth.
Hear The Cry is a community committed to following Jesus, pursuing His presence, peace, and hope, and engaging the world with compassion, justice, and above all else, love.


As disciples of Jesus, we have a responsibility to hear the cry and take action. A Jesus Church family takes 10% of every dollar given and puts it towards Hear the Cry. We partner with other organizations and local churches here in Portland, Oregon as well as in India, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Somalia, Iraq, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Haiti to bring the Kingdom of God to a world in need. Hear the Cry sends short-term and long-term teams to these areas in need. You can get involved by praying, supporting financially, and by applying to go on these trips.
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We work in places like India, Myanmar, Iraq, Somalia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Haiti and more.

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We send over 25 teams a year to go and be helpful in 9 different countries. Come join us on a trip.

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Check out some of our helpful projects going on in Portland, Oregon and around the world.

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Portland Oregon

We work closely with our city in the areas of foster care, refugee care, and anti-sex trafficking in partnership with other churches in our city. There are many ways to get involved with others in your community serving in these areas.
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Support someone going on a trip   |   Give toward a project   |    Sponsor a child or student from one of our global partners.